3.6 - Zoho Sign Setup

3.6 - Zoho Sign Setup

 Prior to enabling Zoho Sign in the Portal Plugin, please ensure the following:

  • The Zoho Sign extension for the CRM has been installed in the CRM's Marketplace:



Back in the portal, navigate to Zoho API Settings > Zoho Sign

  • Authorize the connection by choosing the appropriate domain type.

  • Select Zoho Sign Documents (the module in the CRM that is created when the extension is installed and where documents are stored)

  • Enabling the module and map the appropriate lookup field.



  • For customizing the Zoho Sign tab for the front end user, navigate to the Customization > Zoho Sign and follow the instructions for each section.



Note: The Contact needs to be populated in the Zoho Sign Document for the document to be visible to the user.



Once the document has been signed, it will be visible to the user in the portal and available for download:




Here is a quick overview of the Zoho Sign setup:

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