3.4 - Workdrive Setup

3.4 - Workdrive Setup

To enable Zoho Workdrive in the portal, you need to download the Workdrive extension 'Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM' by going to CRM settings > Marketplace > All

'Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM' creates the WorkDrive folder URL and Workdrive Folder ID fields in the Accounts module. This helps in mapping the correct workdrive folder to the portal user.
  • Once you click on install and accept the terms and services, the following dialog box will appear.

  • Select the 'Install for all users' option as seen above and click 'Confirm'.

  • The following dialog box will appear.

  • At this step, if you do not have a Workdrive account, follow the steps described in the Zoho article below to sign up and set up your Workdrive.

  • Click on 'Authorize'.

  • Zoho Workdrive for CRM will be installed under CRM settings > Marketplace > All > Installed.

  • When you click on 'Configure' you will be able to see the installed components.

  • Once the CRM setup is complete, go to the Client Portal > Zoho API Settings > Workdrive.

  • Enable 'Activate Workdrive Integration'.

  • Click on 'Authorize Workdrive'.

  • Enable 'My documents' and fill out the fields based on the instructions in the portal.  

For customizing the Workdrive tab for the front end user, go to Customization > My Documents and follow the instructions for each section.
  • For general definitions, refer to the 'Customization and Layout' documentation.

  • If you have enabled Owner Notification and User Notification, when you click on 'Update ' you will get the options to map your fields and customize your email template.


To manage individual user permissions for Work Drive, go to User Management:


  • Click on the Details icon highlighted below



  • Go to 'Work Drive' Tab


  • By default, the 'Create folder in Zoho Work Drive' is enabled. A user will be able to upload files in Work Drive only if this button is enabled. This feature creates a sub-folder for each user.



If you would like to revoke a user's documents uploading permissions, disable this button. 

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